Here are 3 Ideas You Might Consider For Upgrading Your Wedding Bands


While some couples choose to forgo them, most people who get married choose to wear some type of wedding band once they’ve tied the knot. A wedding ring can be plain, or it can be fancy, but once it’s on your finger it can actually be relatively easy to forget it’s there. Since wedding rings are special and shouldn’t be forgotten, there are several things that can be done to make them even more memorable. This article will take a look at several ideas you can consider for upgrading your wedding bands.

  • Have the Wedding Band Joined to Your Engagement Ring: One idea for upgrading your wedding ring that you might consider is having the wedding ring physically joined to the engagement ring. While many choose to wear their engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger, this would involve a jeweler bonding the two rings together to create one large, unique ring. This has the added benefit of ensuring that the engagement ring and the wedding ring will never be separated or lost, because it’s much easier to keep track of one ring instead of two.
  • Have the Wedding Band Engraved With Something Special: Another idea for upgrading your wedding ring is to have it engraved with something special. Ring engraving for a wedding band is traditionally done on the inside of the band (the side that rests against the skin), and can consist of things like you and your spouse’s initials, the date of your wedding, or perhaps some special message you want only them to see. The possibilities here are almost limitless.
  • Have the Wedding Band Upgraded After Reaching an Anniversary: And finally, a third idea for upgrading your wedding ring that you might consider is having the band itself upgraded after reaching a specific anniversary. For example, after reaching your 10th anniversary, you might decide to have the rings upgraded to something slightly fancier, then again when you reach the 20th anniversary, and so on. It can be one way to celebrate just how long your marriage has lasted over the years.

In conclusion, there are several ideas you might consider for upgrading your wedding bands. These ideas include, but are certainly not limited to: having the wedding band joined to your engagement ring, having the band engraved with a special message, and having the band upgraded after reaching an anniversary. These are just a few of the things you might consider for upgrading your wedding bands.