Mens Outdoor Tops and Other Protective Apparel for the Entire Family

Outdoor clothing is valuable in so many ways, with womens and mens outdoor tops as key pieces to those lines of apparel. You may work or play outdoors, or even require some accessories for weekend activities or work around the house and garden. No matter what, it is helpful to find the highest quality outdoor […]

Where to Find Antiques

Precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum have been mined for millennia, used for jewelry, coins, and more. In fact, silver mining dates back to at least 3000 BC, when people in modern Turkey and Greece mined it, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry. Today, silver antiques and antique sterling can be found […]

A Closer Look At Sea Glass And Its Uses Here In The United States

Jewelry has a long precedent in the world, having been around for thousands upon thousands of years. In fact, the first ever known jewelry has been traced back to 10,000 years ago. The beads on this piece of this jewelry were made from nassarius shells, shells that have held up surprisingly well as the centuries […]

Donating and Recycling Clothing and Textiles Helps Everyone

Flash back to the year 1930 and you will see the average American woman had a much smaller wardrobe compared to modern times; you would see an average of nine outfits. Viewing the wardrobe of an average modern day American woman and you will see that number has risen to 30. Fashion has certainly expanded […]