Flash back to the year 1930 and you will see the average American woman had a much smaller wardrobe compared to modern times; you would see an average of nine outfits. Viewing the wardrobe of an average modern day American woman and you will see that number has risen to 30. Fashion has certainly expanded since then as well as social standards, with more than just a handful of companies since the 1930’s. With so many choices and styles, some consumers can even opt to buy almost exclusively from one company.

It is not difficult to understand why 95.4% of Americans donated on some level in their life. Generally speaking, people like to help whether it is an extra hand or they donate clothing. While there is a minor incentive to do so in the form of a tax deductible the kindness of one’s heart, and knowing your charitable donations help someone somewhere, rises above that. Like in 2007, the United States saw a ballpark estimate of $5.8 billion worth of clothing donated. People took the time to find a charitable foundation and donate clothing.

Before throwing that old, ragged shirt of yours, consider this: 10.5 million tons of textiles and clothing are dumped into landfills every single year. The recycling rate of textiles and clothing is about 15 percent in America, that includes donating as well. Not to mention every 82 pounds of textiles wasted can be contributed to an average American. This is a shame considering almost 100 percent of textiles and clothing can be recycled. Why not donate clothing instead? You will be effectively improving the rate of recycling on reusable materials and helping those in need.

Some charity organizations, like The Military Order of the Purple Heart also known as MOPH and Purple Heart, is an organization that accepts clothing donations and various other forms of charitable donations specifically for military veterans. They were founded in 1932 and have since help military veterans all over the United States. In fact, their membership has a long list of 45,300 members. GreenDrop, a charity organization that helps the Military Order of the Purple Heart with marketing campaigns, obtains those donations and effectively turns it into a cash fund for military veterans who are in need of health, education and supports family programs.

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