Jewelry has a long precedent in the world, having been around for thousands upon thousands of years. In fact, the first ever known jewelry has been traced back to 10,000 years ago. The beads on this piece of this jewelry were made from nassarius shells, shells that have held up surprisingly well as the centuries have continued to pass on. In many pieces of jewelry from ancient times, sea glass was used. Sea glass has been around since even before glass making itself originated, which occurred in around 2000 B.C. Mesopotamia.

In the years since that time, sea glass has only become more popular. In fact, there is even a North American Sea Glass Association. It currently boasts about 90 members today, but this is a number that is likely to keep growing in the years that are to come. After all, sea glass is beautiful and quite fun to find, with many families and individual people enjoying looking for sea glass whenever they are at the beach. In fact, sea glass even comes in more varieties than the average person might even realize.

The most common type of sea glass out there is, of course, the green and blue varieties that are found on beaches all throughout the country and even all throughout the world as a whole. These colors of sea glass are found 50 times or so for every 100 total pieces of sea glass. However, more rare colors of sea glass, such as that of orange sea glass also exist. If you’re on the hunt for orange pieces of sea glass, it’s likely that you’ll only actually find one for every 10,000 or so pieces of sea glass that are found in total.

But all types of sea glass, no matter what the color, can be made into beautiful sea glass jewelry. And the variety among the pieces of sea glass jewelry that are popular has become quite impressive indeed. For instance, beach glass jewelry like types of sea glass necklaces are very common. Beach glass jewelry like this can be perfect for everyday wear, but such beach glass jewelry is also often quite perfect for a wide array of special occasions as well.

Beach glass jewelry can even be ideal for wear during a wedding, and many brides will incorporate beach glass jewelry in some capacity into their wedding day look. Types of sea glass wedding jewelry vary, but types of sea glass rings and other types of beach glass jewelry are common. Sea glass wedding rings, in fact, are often used and are beautiful and unique enough to be set apart from many more common wedding rings in use and sold in today’s world.

Types of sea glass bracelets are also common in the world of beach glass jewelry. Such bracelets are often not overly expensive but are still typically very high in quality. For many people, owning a statement piece made out of sea glass (also called beach glass) is ideal, as this is a piece of jewelry that can be worn just about forever, so long as it is well taken care of and looked after. After all, beach glass jewelry of all varieties never really goes out of style, at least when it comes to the materials that are used in this beach glass jewelry in question. For many people, even more expensive pieces of beach glass jewelry are very much worth the initial cost, as this is likely a piece of jewelry that will last for years and years to come.

Wearing jewelry can be a great way to express yourself and your sense of style, both in your everyday life as well as for various special occasions. For all of the above, consider beach glass jewelry. After all, beach glass jewelry is beautiful while understated, and simple without being too simple. It also comes in many different varieties, meaning that there is likely a type of beach glass jewelry out there for just about everyone here in the United States, from types of sea glass anklets to types of sea glass earrings and bracelets.

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