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Clothing and style are impressions of ourselves and our personalities. As such, if we have the privilege to pick and choose what we where, we typically pick stuff we like. Problem is, we like a lot of clothes and most often our closets become full of the stuff.

When it’s time to give your closet a little breather, you might want want to consider donating some of those clothes. You don’t have to ask “Where can I donate clothes,” because there are many drop off locations and even organizations that pickup from your house. In addition, there’s many different times of the year and situations in which you might have plenty of clothes to give. Here’s a list of 7 such scenarios.

  1. Changing Seasons
    Spring is fast approaching, and with it will come warmer climates and less layers. Since that time of year is coming, it might be time to give away some of those scarves and jackets that you might not need anymore. Give those over to people who need them more in order to stay warm. Changing seasons when we are preparing to wear different clothing to match the coming season, is a great excuse to give some clothes away.
  2. CLothes We’ve Outgrown
    Do you have kids? Are they growing fast? Cherish the time you have with them, because they will only grow more (and faster). In addition to that, they often outgrow their clothes. When you find that they can’t fit an outfit, consider giving those clothes over to a donation center. Let someone else get some good use out of your clothes donations.
  3. Clothes You’ve Had For Years
    Another example would be clothes that you’ve had for a while. Once you stop growing, you might become a little bit of a horde. You might find that you keep a few shirts or pants for years. Then, years later you’ll wonder why you still have some of the clothes you have. If you’re at that stage, consider giving the clothes you no longer want to someone who will want them.
  4. Change in the Clothing And You
    Adding to that, what if you have clothes that you just don’t feel comfortable wearing anymore. You no longer like them or you feel like they just don’t look right on you anymore. Perhaps your body’s changed, or maybe the style has changed. Whatever the reason, you can donate the clothes and move on to something else.
  5. Moving/Clearing Space
    What if you just don’t have the room for all the clothes you have anymore. There could be a few reasons for this. One could be that you bought new clothes and need to get rid of some older ones. Another reason could be that you’re moving. You don’t have room in your trunk for all the clothes you once had. You don’t have room in your new home for the clothes. Or, you just don’t want to make room. That’s a great time to donate.
  6. Gift Clothing You Don’t Like
    Another situation would be if someone gave you clothing you don’t like. Say for instance, you got a Christmas gift of a sweater that after a few tries you realized wasn’t for you. Instead of re-gifting, maybe you can ask, “Where can I donate clothes,” find the locale drop off center, and help someone else with your clothing donations.
  7. If You Just Want to Give
    Maybe you ask, “Where can I donate clothes” because you actually just want to donate and give back to the community. If so, good for you. There are many different locations in which people can donate their clothes if they want and, as stated before, there are also many organizations that offer pickup services as well. So, all you have to do is search, “Where can I donate clothes” and be amazed at what you find.

There are many different circumstances and situations that lead to people wanting to donate clothing. Whether there’s a new season around the corner or you just don’t like the some of the clothes in your closet, these situations happen to most of us more often than we think. If you are not purposely looking to donate, but are in a situation like one of the ones mentioned above, consider giving some of your clothes away. Get more on this here.

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