Luxury italian living room furniture

High end luxury furniture can be constructed of a wide variety of materials. However, the terms high end and luxury do not necessarily mean that the furniture is only for decorative purposes. Of people buying high end furnishings, 60% typically look for something that is comfortable as well as high quality.

Buying furniture is an important step for an individual or family. Furniture is the third most costly item that people buy, following the purchases of a home and a car. Most customers would prefer to spend a little extra money to buy high end luxury furniture that they know will last a good long time than to go for items that are cheaply made and may not last. The truth is that very often, people get what they pay for. Therefore, taking the time to shop for furniture that is well made really pays off over time.

Because of its lasting qualities, not forgetting to mention its beauty, italian furnishings are often the choice purchase of many customers shopping for high end luxury furniture. Many people will buy luxury italian living room furniture for its solid construction, but will also find its comfort to be a major draw as well.

Much of high end living room furniture, including high end modern furniture and fine italian furniture, is constructed using a high quality spring system of elasticized webbing. This material replaces the 8-way hand tied coil method that was used previously. The difference is that, although 8-way hand coils are as strong and supportive as elasticized webbing, it is said that it can add an additional $600 to the cost of the furniture. Furniture that is a lower quality can also have a spring system made of elasticized webbing; however, fewer strands of webbing are used. Thicker, stronger webbing is used in higher end furnishings which boosts its quality and longevity.

When it comes down to brass tacks, so to speak, there are still furniture manufacturers who prefer to use the 8-way hand tied coil method. Tried and true, it continues to be the method by which many pieces of high end luxury furniture are constructed. Many pieces are handcrafted, as they have always been; hence, another example of the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! The 8-way hand tied coil method involves each spring being tied in eight different ways. These are back to front, side to side, and diagonal in two directions. This way the spring system is even with a chair or couch cushion on every level.

The upholstering of high end luxury furniture is a careful process. As an example, material such as leather has, these days, become a widely preferred choice for many people. Top grain leather wears well and lasts. It is usually 3/64 of an inch of the outer portion of the hide. Manufacturers of higher end furniture will look for the cleanest hides that will meet their standards to insure a top quality product for their customers. They will then lay patterns on top of the hide and do the cutting by hand. When constructing a sofa, for instance, as many as 30 patterns might be used. Because a leather hide is a natural product, there are always blemishes and markings. Furniture manufacturers will remove any that are unseemly; however, some may remain because as a part of the beauty and the nature of the material.

Cleaning leather high end furniture is a very specific task. A wet cloth to wipe spills, etc., would probably do more harm than good. A cleaning solution for leather is the way to go; however, before using the solution, the furniture should be vacuumed well, making sure every bit of dirt and dust is picked up. If any is left behind, it could end up being ground into the material. A soft cloth should be dipped into the cleaning solution and then moved from the top of the furniture, wiping the leather right to the bottom. Once completed, the material should not be dried with a blow drier. That could actually dehydrate the leather. A soft towel works best to safely dry leather furniture. References.

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