The times they indeed they are a changing!
As you sat through the week of teacher meetings the first full week in August you were at times overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with the educational jargon that filled the meeting, overwhelmed with the fact that you had even agree to fill in for a long term sub job the first three full weeks of school, overwhelmed at the number of tattoos that were showing. In fact, when your mind reached a place where it could no longer consume any more information about the latest testing schematics or curriculum adaptations, you found yourself checking out just how many of the faculty had ink, as your own daughter likes to call it.
In addition to being twice the age of many of the people in these meetings, the tattoos felt like a sign that you really were out of your element. It was, however, confirmation of the career choice that your daughter had announced that she was pursuing. Just last month, in fact, your daughter told you and your husband that she had just enrolled in one of the area tattoo colleges. The fact that there are tattoo colleges, not college, came as a surprise to you, but sitting in these faculty meetings you begin to understand why. If a room full of elementary school teachers has this much ink, it only goes to show that this really is a growing career that will provide your daughter plenty of opportunities. She has always been a talented artist and has always said that she wanted a tattoo, but wanted to know more about the process before making the investment.
Tattoo and Piercing Shops Continue to Grow in Popularity
As today’s population continues to search for ways to express their personality, it may come as no surprise that tattoo colleges and other vocational training schools draw in a large number of artists. Professionally trained, the best tattoo and piercing shops serve an increasingly diverse set of customers. From teachers to lawyers to college kids, there are many who want to invest in an artist who will help create the perfect look.
In addition to helping people express their personalities, there are also other reasons why some people make the decision to get certain kinds of body piercings. In fact, there are some studies that show some migraine sufferers find relief when they get the right kind of piercing. Consider some of these facts and figures about the many ways that tattoo and piercing artists alike play an important role in today’s world:

  • Current research indicates that as many as 5% of the U.S. population has covered up a tattoo with another one, often in an effort to upgrade the kind of the art that they have displayed.
  • For a large tattoo, customers can expect to pay $150 an hour, on average. In comparison, the average cost of a smaller tattoo is around $45.
  • Not surprising, as many as 49% of those with tattoos think the reputation of tattoo artist or tattoo studio is the most important factor when choosing where to get inked.
  • 14% of Americans, including all ages, have at least one tattoo.
  • 47% of Millennials have at least one tattoo, according to the 2015 Harris Poll. In comparison, 36% of Gen Xers report that they have at least one tattoo.
  • Currently, there are approximately 21,000 tattoo parlors in the U.S.

Not only are more and more people considering attending tattoo colleges to hone their crafts, put there are also a growing number of people getting trained in the art of body piercings. According to a survey conducted by MigrainePal, 47% of respondents reported their migraines became less frequent after they obtained a daith piercing. In addition, as many as 50% said their daith piercing reduced the severity of their migraine attacks. From trying to find a way to express personality to making sure that a migraine is eliminated or diminished, there are many times when the tattoo and piercing industry is a serious business pursuit for both owners and customers.
By the year In 2015, as many as 14% of Americans had body piercings in locations other than their ear lobes. As Americans continue to seek these services there will continue to be a need for these artists.

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