Leather sofas in los angeles

A good couch is everything. It’s where you go to kick up your feet and watch your favorite television series after your shift. It’s a great place to catch up with friends over a game of chess. Whatever you use your couch for, you’ll want to make sure it’s of a high quality and well taken care of throughout the years so you’re saving money and enjoying life, not stressing out over replacements. Sectional couches are a much-preferred option for homeowners and renter’s alike, allowing flexibility as well as durability in any type of home setting. Thinking of checking out some high end furniture sometime this year? Make sure you shop smart.

How Long Do Sofas Last?

This is probably the first question on your mind. Who doesn’t want to save money? Sofas generally have a lifespan of seven to nine years, though this number can be as high as 15 if you do a good job maintaining its structural integrity, texture and overall cleanliness on a regular basis. That means no ignoring seemingly minor spills and tears! Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing an individual will buy, right after a house and a car. Make sure whatever you put your money toward counts!

How Often Do People Use Sofas?

Why do sectional couches wear out so quickly? Well, it’s because people use them all the time! Studies have been conducted to see just how often people sit, sleep on or interact with their sofa on a daily basis and the results are unsurprising. The average sofa will suffer over 1,660 spills over its lifetime and the average person will watch 782 movies while sitting on their sofa. People sit on their sofa for around four hours every day, to boot, and most sofas will host at least 780 visitors. Phew! So how can you take good care of your high end furniture?

How Do I Take Care Of Leather?

Leather furniture is incredibly popular with people of all budgets. How so? The most significant quality is just how easily leather blends into almost any interior design set-up. It’s classical, but modern. It’s stylish, but not over-the-top. Modern Italian furniture has enjoyed a very consistent fanbase for decades as a result and few expect to contest it for the top spot any time soon. Leather is rather easy to take care for — use a specialized conditioner every six to 12 months to maintain its signature soft sheen. Wipe up spills as they occur with a clean cloth to avoid stains. Lastly, keep your leather out of direct sunlight when you can!

How’s The Furniture Industry Looking?

You’ll never have to worry about whether or not you can buy the right sectional couch. Furniture and home furnishing stores alike saw an impressive $100 billion worth of sales just a few years prior — a recent survey by Furniture Today also showed that millennials have become the largest consumer group in the United States, helping the furniture and bedding market see a combined spending increase of 142%. Those sectional couches starting to sound good?

Which Sofa Should I Get?

Leather furniture is the toast of the town. It’s rather easy to take care of if you’re a little proactive and can blend in with almost any set-up. Sectional couches are flexible enough to fit any space and can give you some wiggle room for parties. Last, but not least, sofas last for well over a decade if maintained on a regular basis. European design furniture really is the way to go nowadays, what with people becoming more budget-savvy by the moment and furniture industries boasting astronomically high figures. Stop fretting and get yourself the modern sofa you’ve always dreamed about — your future movie binge nights and get-togethers will thank you for it!

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