Mens alligator shoes

It has long been an assumption that women, as a whole, have an ongoing, long standing, obsession with shoes. As true as this statement may be, it cannot be ignored that men, as well, have their own shoe fetish going on.

Proof of men’s love for shoes can be seen in several concrete ways. It is a proven fact that between 2009 and 2014 mens designer dress shoes experienced a retail sales growth of 39%. High on the list of preferred men’s designer footwear are mens crocodile skin shoes, italian leather shoes, leather oxford shoes, mens eel skin shoes, mens leather oxford shoes, and many others.

Mens designer monk strap shoes have become a sought after choice for many men. Mens designer monk strap shoes are a combination, so to speak, of two types of shoe. They are considered to be the halfway mark between the oxford and the loafer; dressier than the loafer, but not as dressy as the oxford. The monk strap shoe’s construction is different from many other types of footwear in that it uses no laces and is closed with a buckle and a strap. It is thought to be the most advanced dress shoe for men. Moderately formal, mens designer monk strap shoes are most popularly chosen in suede and very often have a cap toe.

Mens designer monk strap shoes have a very interesting history. They were not simply invented one day by a shoe designer looking for the next big hit in men’s shoes. Centuries ago they were actually the number one choice among monks to wear during their work time. The monks in Europe typically wore sandals, and these double strapped shoes that covered the whole foot gave them the extra support they needed. The monks liked these shoes because of the extra protection they provided and for their durability. Nowadays, of course, although these shoes have retained their durability and practicality, they have also grown into more of a stylish choice than strictly practical. They can be purchased in leather or suede, and in brown, black, or burgundy.

Men from very diversified walks of life enjoy the many different choices of clothing and footwear they choose to buy. As did retail sales in men’s footwear, between the years of 2009 and 2014, the sale of men’s luxury bags grew by 24% and the sale of men’s small leather accessories grew by 40%. In addition, men’s dress shoes make up 6% of total shoe market sales.

The care of mens designer monk strap shoes is a relatively easy business. For storage when not being worn, shoe trees are recommended. Shoe trees are available in two types of materials; plastic or wood. Although plastic is suggested for traveling, wood is said to be the preferred type for the health and longevity of the shoe. Wood is more absorbent and will not only keep the shoes more dry, but will also absorb any odor from wear.

In addition, shoes should be rotated. At the very least they should be rotated once every two days. Because shoes will experience compression with wear, some time off will give them the opportunity to regain their normal shape. As far as mens designer monk strap shoes are concerned, the strap can also become a concern if they are worn daily. Over time, the strap, which is thin to begin with, will be subject to wear across the same small section that is repeatedly being flexed. If the shoes are rotated, the wear on that section will not become a problem.

Leather is a tremendous commodity, and people, both men and women, contribute their own fair share of purchasing to this genre. Statistics show that at any given time the typical consumer will be wearing or carrying an average of four leather items. Leather items can be large and easily seen, for instance, jackets or coats, pocketbooks or tote bags, or it can be small and blending in with other accessories like watch bands, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, etc. Shoes are a top item where leather is used, and it is a sure bet that at any given time most people will be wearing leather on their feet.

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