Beach towels in bulk

Vacations are both the most fun times in a family’s life and (for the parents) the most stressful times. No matter what kind of vacation you’re going on as a family, if you don’t plan ahead, pack everything, and plan some more, the vacation could be an absolute nightmare. If you do plan well enough, however, you and the family will have a much better time.

Here are a few essential items for any family vacation.

Custom Beach Towels

If you’re going to the beach, you have to have custom beach towels for your entire family. You can make them fun and eccentric by showing a wholesale towel company your personalized beach towel ideas, or you can just get large enough towels for everyone to sit on. Not having a towel on the beach pretty much just means that you’ll be cleaning sand off of your body for the next six months. Don’t make this rookie beach mistake and bring plenty of large custom beach towels.


The easiest way to ensure your vacation is a disaster is to not bring sunscreen. If you or the kids don’t have sunscreen, after about an hour of sun exposure in the blistering hot sun will give them some signs of burns. Multiply that by a couple more hours and whoever forgot to put on sunscreen will be as red as they are in horrible pain. If one person gets sun burnt real badly, that’ll most likely ruin the vacation for everyone. Don’t let this happen to your family — prepare for the inevitable hotness of the sun and pack plenty of strong enough sunscreen.

Big Cooler

This tip is certainly more for the parents, although you still must pack water and other refreshing snacks for the kids to enjoy as well. But the cooler is a must for any parent at the beach. Vacations, at their core, are designed to give you 100% relaxation and satisfaction. There is nothing more relaxing than laying out on the beach, knowing your kids are safe and having fun, while you enjoy a few adult beverages. Coolers help you stay refreshed, relaxed, and are essential to beach etiquette.
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