8 Steps to Photographing Your Home for Sale

A successful home sale hinges on more than just location and price. If you want to attract buyers to your house, you need to have the best listing photos. Since buyers almost always browse homes for sale online first, catching their eye enough to make them want to pay a visit is essential. From choosing […]

Growing Older Doesn’t Have to Mean Growing Uncomfortable in Your Own Skin!

As much as you may try to deny it, you’re getting older every day. Denial is normal, but honestly, there’s nothing about aging that you need to be scared of! With age comes wisdom, responsibility, freedom, and maybe a few laugh lines here and there. Though a well-worn body is nothing to be ashamed of, […]

Pros and Cons of Faux Leather

Leather can be a fun and exciting addition to anyone’s wardrobe whether it’s in small quantities like leather belts or womens leather bracelets or a full on dress or jacket that is made purely out of leather. Whatever you choose to rock is a great idea. However, you have to be confident to wear leather. […]

Four Rules for Making the Most of Your Custom Printed Products

Distributing promotional products is an awesome way to increase brand awareness, and to give your faithful customers a way to promote your business for you. The resources you have for to use custom apparel products to advertise your business are endless: from custom printed t-shirts, to pens, to hats, to reusable shopping bags. There’s no […]