You were so hesitant to hire a videographer for your wedding. You wanted the ceremony recorded, but nothing else. Your groom, on the other hand, wanted coverage of the entire day. Eventually, he convinced you, and you hired a local videographer and chose full day coverage.

Not only did the video team document the entire day beautifully, but they were extremely kind, patient, professional, and supportive. Providing the necessary humor and fun during what could have been the most stressful times.

On your honeymoon, you and your new husband would bring up different events from the wedding day, and we found that each of us missed so much of it. You are truly grateful to have the video highlights, as well as the ceremony, on film, to remind us of your perfect winter wedding. From the end of the reception when the team of workers returned the table linen hangers to the rental company to the thank you’s that you have written for the many gifts, there are so many details that you have had to pay attention to after the actual event. You are fortunate that now, six months later, you are still able to return to the video as a way to relive the joy of that day.

Planning a Wedding Requires Careful Attention to Hundreds of Small Details

From the guest list to the setting arrangement at the reception, there are many times when the success of a wedding truly is in the details. And while it is essential to have the photos and the video of your special day if you really want to recapture how the events played out, it is pretty easy to forget the small details that went on behind the scenes. There are aunts who are willing to serve the cake, there are cousins who are willing to show up early and remove the table linen hangers from the large rolling racks of catering supplies, and there are many who are willing to stay after the fact and get everything cleaned up. It is in the initial planning, however, of all these details that typically make a wedding day, or any celebration for that matter, go as smoothly as possible.
Whether you are planning for large banquet table skirts for the biggest of receptions or you are concerned about the table skirt clips that will be needed for a more intimate backyard reception, there are many times when the decision to hire a wedding planner will pay big dividends in the end. Consider some of these facts and figures about the wedding industry and the role that it plays not only in your individual ceremony, but also the economy of the nation:

  • 63% of brides say that they feel a lot of pressure to have the perfect wedding, according to WeddingWire’s 2017 Newlywed Report. For this reason alone, it is important to work with a professional wedding planner who will help from the arrival of the table linen hangers to the clean up of the reception.
  • An average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S. every year.
  • Broken down even further, this means that an average of 44,230 weddings take place each weekend.
  • In an effort to make sure that their clients get the results that they want, 54% of event planners attend conferences to keep up with the latest trends.
  • Invitations ideally need to be mailed two months in advance for out-of-town guests, especially if these travelers will need to make travel arrangements.
  • Rustic weddings are seeing a significant rise in interest, but rustic does not mean messy. As a result, professional linens that arrive on table linen hangers are important even in a rustic wedding setting.
  • With more than 85,000 searches for wedding decorations, a number that is expected to continue, the internet remains a valuable resource for many brides.
  • Although numbers can certainly vary, the average number of wedding guests is 136.
  • For the reception, the average party size that a caterer has is between 100 to 250 people.
  • Nor surprising, the average business owner in the catering industry works as many as 59 hours a week.

The video of your big day will be a treasure, but the planning is many hours of work.

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